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Related post: Date: Sat, 22 Sep pthc free legal kdquality 2007 02:38:18 -0700 (PDT) From: Sameer N Subject: Gay Male Authoritarian - Revenge of a disrobed pal - 5Day 3Atul's version had stuck. For him, I had not been tormented enough on the stairs, the previous day."Come on, let's start""What if Raju comes back?", I asked."He's gone for the day."I somewhat felt relieved.I latched the kitchen door and both of us walked to my bedroom ^ the place of torture! I did not wait for any cues. I removed my T-shirt and unzipped my jeans. My jeans dropped to the floor as I pulled down my underwear.I lay down on the bed on my back, my legs hanging down from the bed. My dick was already hard and pointing leftwards. I was pthc images a bit apprehensive of my balls getting squeezed in that bottle of his."Turn around on your stomach"What no bottle?"You can't hit me on my balls....that's the deal ^ right?" I said as I turned around. I scooted a bit upwards.I felt him part my legs till it could pthc ifolder part no more. Although I had my face on one side, I could not see what he was up to...some crazy new idea again! I had a brief pang of anxiety grip me. Then I smelt something familiar. And almost immediately I felt the tip of Atul's candle push at my hole. The first sensation that hit pthc virgin me was that of grease. What was that smell?"Aww" I groaned as the candle pushed it's way deeper into my ass cheeks straining to get through my sphincter."Awwwww" I screamed. "Atul it hurts man!!! Awww. Please take it out ...just a bit PLEEEEASE...."Atul probably had never had anything teen pthc sex pics go up his arse. All he had to do was pull it out just a tad bit and then gradually push it in! What a damn thick head - stubborn dick he was!"Take it out man....PLEEAAAAWWW" The pain in my arse had peaked till I choked and then things got better... the pain ebbed away. The thing has just plopped in.Then he did something quite unexpected. He started to pull on the candle. Shhhit."Fuck you just put it in!!!! Awwww" The sphincter was being stretched all over again. I winced and stopped breathing anticipating the pain ...but the candle russian pthc nude plopped out of my arse. I was relieved that the pain was a tad bit lesser this time.Then that smell again. It was much stronger. What the hell was he lubricating the candle with? I tried to turn to get a better look...but the candle was already positioned at my crack. I felt Atul's fingers parting my hole. I livedoor cgi pthc ptsc felt him smearing the gooey stuff all around the ring of my hole. I also felt him dab the center of my hole with that gooey stuff. He gave short jabs as if to push some of it inside.Then came the second round of plunging the thing in. I stopped breathing again. Shiiitttt."Awwww Stoppppp plheazze" free preeten pthc bbs I gurgled it out as I took short breaths. The pain got much worse. He was pushing hard and my sphincter was just not budging. The peak was just going higher and higher. I contorted my face and shut my eyes. I had given up hope...when the candle plopped in again. He started to push it in more this time. And then he started to sodomize me ...but it was slow. Each time he pulled, he dark collection xxx pthc had to hold my arse down to stop me from sliding down from the bed.I was beginning to doubt this new lubricant. Oil had been much better. I was already beginning to feel sore. pthc sven 5 Atul was pushing the limits of this torture. I had bruised my arse before and knew how those spots of blood inside my sphincter would itch like mad. I could already feel the itching. Any blood and I could call off the whole thing. The itching just got worse. Shooooot....these weren't spots of blood. This must be a whole fucking river of blood from my sphincter BECAUSE THE ITCHING WAS ALL AROUND.....WAIT...... AND INSDIE TOO."I'm fucking bleeding...take it out.""No you're not bleeding. You're just feeing hot", I could feel the tease in Atul's way of speaking"What hot. Fucking are you mad.? My arse is bleeding"But he still kept pushing my arse to the bed."It's index nude pthc just iodex...idiot". Atul's words now connected all the dots...the smell....IODEX???? MY ARSE??? SHIT this was going to burn for hours!!!!!!"And your balls are next""No you can't touch my balls!" I was mad at him."I can't hit them, you had said"A loud knock from the kitchen door followed by a series of irritated door bells drained all the blood from my body!Atul seemed stunned too. He did not stop me as I slowly tried to pull the candle out of my arse. The pain resurfaced but was much more manageable when I did bbs pthc links it myself. I avoided dwelling on the streaks of shit mixed with iodex on the candle. I had to hide it somewhere for now. I grabbed my underwear, wrapped the candle in it and slid it under pthc hussyfan pthc the bed as far as it could go. I'd worry about it later.I quickly pulled my T-shirt over and kds bbs pthc childfuck then got my jeans on. I was zipping it up as I sprinted to the kitchen door. There were another series of irritated rings. At the moment I had reached the door, my zipper was just half way stuck. I hadn't bothered, I let my T-shirt cover my fly.Then I calmed down. This could not have been my brother. He never rang the bell this way. This pthc fucking young had to be Raju. pthc bbs nude But that brought on new anxiety.Atul was a few steps behind me when I opened the door to Raju."Very nice. Both of you are here"He'd had the audacity to walk in though the door.. without any invitation. I had no intentions of anyone overhearing what he was saying so I latched the kitchen door and free pthc links moved into my living free video sex pthc room ... away from all doors."So have both of you thought it over?"Atul had no clue. He hadn't given me a chance to explain the last thing Raju had said to me."Come here, you. You like in mouth?" He had switched from Hindi to English and his hand was on my right collar pulling me towards him."Hey Please" I protested...For some reason I stumbled for words...partly because the x-rated vocabulary in Hindi was not automatically getting translated in my brain.I quickly realized that I was getting closer to him and the direction of the pull was now towards the ground. He was bending me forward. I somehow managed to push his hand and break away."Not me" I said in Hindi. I tried moving back as he advanced towards me. Both Atul and I were trying to avoid him from getting closer, but we were not quite prepared. In doing so we collided.I felt the back of my shirt being pulled. I tried to push Atul away when I heard middle eastern pthc Raju call out to Atul "Hold his hands"Atul was an opportunistic son of a bitch. pthc k ty He clearly did not want anything to do with Raju. My hands were locked down as I fell forward. Raju was pulling down my jeans without bothering to get the top button off and unzip me. My jeans were stuck at my hip. But it took him no more than a second to figure that out. Moments later the button came off. I screamed as the zipper ripped through the skin boy cock pthc of my penis as my jeans got yanked off my thighs. The jeans weren't entirely off and I tripped. I stopped resisting. It seemed pointless. The jeans were eventually off. And I felt Raju's hands grip my arse. His middle finger trying to find my hole. His nails were digging into my skin real hard. I could feel the hair down there being ripped off."Aw" I groaned. He seemed to control me by my butt. I felt him pulling me in a direction to stand up. I steadied myself and began to walk ... quickly realizing that it was towards the sofa in the living room. I panicked."Not here" I was still groaning...but dug my heels to stop him. pthc young model girl I motioned my hand towards my bed room. He seemed confused for a sec. He dug his nails deeper as he steered me to my bedroom. Atul was ahead of us wanting to stay clear from Raju and me.Then the grip on my arse loosened but the pressure on my neck increased. I was swiveled around and my neck was pushed down. I had to anime pthc kneel on one knee to stabilize myself.Then there was a pause. "It looks like, you have pain in your arse" He said.When I looked up I figured what had happened. He was smelling his fingers. Iodex is unmistakable for people who use it.Before I could react, he pthc imgbbs sven board9 lifted his grip on my shoulders. The next thing I saw was his hands quickly unbuttoning his fly.Raju's had worn gray pants that day. The stains of paint revealed the many colors that were used inside and outside Atul's house. The thing that gave me perennial hard ons were the tears in his pants. He had them everywhere, some were small. Others revealed anya pthc model the dark skin on the exposed bits of his legs. But the one that drove me crazy were the tear on his inner thigh ^ you could pass two fingers through it. Now I even got to see some hair that was otherwise was unnoticeable from afar. The hole was close to his groin, but not 14 year pthc so kiddes pthc bbs close to zeps guide pthc bbs reveal any pubic hair or other things that I was dying at one point to get a todays pthc links glance of.But that day was different. I wasn't completely soft but neither was I sporting a raging hard-on. My T-shirt was doing genuine pthc a poor job of completely covering my body. Atul was probably having a good look at my crack. But my dick was somewhat covered.Before I could think of how I appeared to either Atul or Raju, I was facing a hard, black uncut penis around 6" long and at least an inch and a half in diameter at the knob. pthc bbs 16 yo The foreskin was straining against the knob but was still covering the pee-slit. The folds of the foreskin at the front were glistening ^ they were no-doubt wet. I instinctively put my hands pthc nude pics on his thighs trying kids porn pthc to push them away.Up until that moment the whole play had gone on with silence. "Catch hold pthc kds porn top of his hands" He barked young model vicky pthc at Atul. There was some struggle before Atul pulled my hands away. I tried to move my head sideways. very young asian pthc I was not completely averse to sucking dick. I would have readily done Atul's. The day I had pulled Atul's towel and landed my lips inches from his dick, the whiff of his seeds was like caffeine to my brain. But Raju disappointed pthc 12yo pictures me...actually put me off. His dick smelt intensely of urine and his groin had a very distinctive smell, something I was not used uncensored hentai pthc site to.I wasn't all wrong. Raju straightened my face as he forced his dick onto my lips. I felt his foreskin roll back as the tip pthc board tgp toplist of his glans began uncovering itself as it forced my lips apart. That was the first time I actually tasted the salt in 15 yo pthc Raju's urine. My face must have contorted. But Raju was now squeezing my cheeks to force me to open my mouth. His pee-slit was rubbing against my teeth...I had clenched them tight."This boy needs to learn a lot" I heard Raju mutter. "Hit him on his butt" he shot at Atul.Atul seemed confused. He had let go of my hands. I used the opportunity to push Rajus's hands ... but with pthc pd not much luck."Use your belt" Raju snapped irritably.Atul then got his bearings. But instead of hearing the pthc modeling proibida sound of him removing his belt, I found Atul position himself close behind me."Sa...tack".....the sound came first. The sting bbs hussyfan raygold pthc of the rubber band much later. It wasn't too bad. I flinched... nothing more.But then I froze. From the corner of my eyes I had seen how much he had extended the rubber band. Too late!!!! I could feel his thumb position right at my hole. Because I had only one knee down, my legs were parted enough for a good hit. It was still angled did not need to be directly vertical on my hole to get to the desired effect."HAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGG" I howled as the sting bit into my hole. My hands instinctively left Raju's to cover my ass hole.My howl was also gagged by the rush of Raju's penis into my mouth. My hole burned like never ever before. pthc admin repost board I did not want to get one more stinger. But this was my first miserable experience at sucking. The smell ... the urine....and now the head of the dick lodged between my tongue and my upper palate. My tongue was resisting the entry but was being savagely pushed back on account of Raju's thrusts. I pthc picz gagged!!!!The reaction was so violent, I comic pthc was beginning to retch. Raju got the message."Lick it", he commanded. The commotion had changed my position vis--vis Atul. As Raju held out his now fully uncovered glans for me, Atul was now able to get a complete view of what was going on.I was just beginning to get over the smell and the urine. I peeled his foreskin all the way up and started liking his reel pthc pics pee-slit. But he did not seem to like it that way and he rolled his foreskin back hussyfan pthc r ygold on. I allowed him to position his dick and sucked on it letting my tongue part the foreskin and find teen pthc fotos its way to the pee-slit. He seemed to like that much more and began rocking his hip back and forth. I held his arse cheeks with my hands to keep contact with his freewebboard pthc dick allowing it to go only as deep as I could manage .. all the time keeping my tongue wiggling at his foreskin and pee-slit.He pulled back after a while and motioned me towards my bed. I knew what was to come. I was waiting for this. I lay down on the same place Atul had sodomized me earlier that afternoon. I pressed my hard dick to the bed and I spread my legs wide. But that did not seem to go well with Raju. He pulled my hips up and I finally ended up bent over on my knees on the bed with my arse hole level with his dick. He wanted to fuck me while he stood. It wasn't a comfortable position for me, especially because all stimulation to my penis had ended. But I wanted to get on with irc pthc it anyway.His thumb and pthc bbs imgboard forefinger of his left hand parted my arse cheeks to reveal my hole as he guided his dick with his right hand to the center of my hole. I felt the pressure first and then kdz pthc filipina the widening of my sphincter. I had underestimated the size of his knob. My sphincter clamped down with pain. I had stopped breathing and pthc wap felt myself clawing into the bed sheets. I tried pedo pthc hardcore children pthc sexo photo to shit as I had done when Atul had first sodomized me. Slowly Raju's penis inched bit by bit into my gut. He then started rocking. Initially I had no sensation of his penis moving inside me. But then he pulled it out and pushed it in by holding me by my hips. My sphincter resisted any movements in the opposite direction pthc art pics but only for a while. Slowly the pain was overcome and a substantial dark pthc length of his penis was moving in and out of my anal opening. His motions became more frequent and more regular. I got the feeling he was close by cp pic pthc his sweat from his hands on my hips as well pthc independent art gallery as the sweat from his public hair rubbing my arse cheeks.Just then it plopped out. He was desperately trying to pthc russian foto push it in. He hadn't fully penetrated it when he stopped half way. The first indication that my first ever anal fuck was a done deal was when I felt something wet streaking down my inner thigh. pthc fotos He had pulled his dick off. I lifted my hip and now from under me I could see the lines of his white cum trickling down my thighs and settling down to the side of my knees.I began to get up when I found his hands pressing my arse back into position."Get naked!" He said in Hindi.The words hadn't completely sunk in for a second. Then I realized that I was already naked. It was directed at ATUL!!!!!Atul hadn't got it yet!"You! Get naked!""No! Hey I won't" Atul was whining. WOW! It was clear that Atul was showing signs of buckling down."You'll also be held you want me to tell him?""Please ... forgive me, boss". Atul was not doing a good job. Had he shown signs of anger, he might even have got away with this."Shall I tell him?" There was irritation in free download pthc movies Raju's voice. "Get your pants down!"I could see Atul reluctantly put his hands to the buckle of his belt."Don't waist my time" Raju growled. Then he patted me on my still upward pointing arse and said "Hold him down"That did it. I was not really quick to jump and grab Atul. I had barely moved, when Atul started removing his meaning of pthc belt and got down his pants. He shot a glance at me as he slid his underpants down. I wasn't going to make this easy for him. I strained to see home video pthc his nakedness and got a good glance at some of it. He was wearing a shirt that almost immediately covered everything."Come now and fuck his arse" Raju said in a low but firm tone.I don't think I would have readily fucked Atul's hole. For some reason seeing bits of shit on my penis would have put me off. Atul had witnessed a lot of this when he tormented me with the candle. So pthc cheerleaders I was not surprised at his hesitation."Come on...quick" and I felt Atul stabilize sweet angel pthc privat himself as he held on to my right arse cheek.Atul was taking a big risk defying pthc zshare Raju. He was adamant at not penetrating me anally."Forgive me, boss, please forgive me" Atul was trying in Hindi."Ok, feed it to him then" he said to Atul. And to me ^ shaking pthc photo snuff my arse "Take his in your mouth".I slid off the bed and knelt down on the floor. Atul was red in the face....and still reluctant. I lifted his shirt and got my second ever close look at his whole equipment. I circled my fingers on his dick and pulled it into my mouth. Atul's dick now seemed very different from when I pthc torrennt had first undressed him ^ scratched him there as well.It was fully engorged and much to my dismay I was gagging trying to take it in too much. So I reverted back to what I pthc hussy fan had done with Raju's. Atul was probably too excited while I was being fucked ^ either that ^ or he had a very low tolerance for my tongue invading his foreskin.I was lucky I didn't choke on his first blast, because I had forced his dick at a slight angle to get to the underside of his pee-slit. His first spray landed on my left side molars. The first memories that sunk in rompl bbs pthc my brain was that his cum tasted and smelt quite similar to my own. He had used a different soap than the one our family used. But nevertheless his groin smelt divine pthc cp porn compared to Raju's.Atul pulled his penis out at the moment of the sandra teen pthc first blast. To my dismay, the second and third and fourth and oh wow his fifth spasm ended up on my upper lips some getting close to my nostrils...some of it on my cheek and the rest of it on my palm as he pulled away from me."Come now"...and to my horror Raju pushed Atul to the bed face down.Atul was whimpering again "Please....leave me ...please"Raju motioned hxxp pthc to me "Hold him down"I was caught unaware. I wiped of Atul's cum on my sleeve and moved towards Atul. But Atul started kicking his legs towards us. It was quite a scuffle before cgiworld 9 pthc imageboard pthc jp I heard a loud scream. It wasn't from pthc lost souls me. Atul was prostrate and twitching. Raju was in full control, his right palm gripping Atul's balls and a real tight hold.He nudged Atul's balls in the direction he wanted to see Atul move. He got Atul in the exact position he wanted. Atul was now bent over his knees on the bed just like I was, with his arse pthc svens place pointing upwards."Hold his balls here""Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" I finally heard Atul moan....It was a soft moan. He had held his breath I think for a really long time.Raju and I exchanged positions. I held pthc fuckinmg cunts Atul's still wet dick and balls. Some cum was now on his balls too. I held it lightly...he was still in pain.From real close quarters, I now began seeing what Atul had of my fuck. The spreading of his cheeks. The way his anal folds opened and closed in anticipation of the penetration. The tightening of his hips as Raju's penis made it's first impression on his anal opening. The spasms of Atul's hips as his sphincter struggled the onslaught of Raju's pressure. The screams and pleas from Atul. Atul had the misfortune of no lubrication except what was pthc bbs sex portals on Raju's penis. Unlike the iodex that Atul had shoved all the way from my arse hole to deep inside my colon, he had had nothing inside. His pain was much more intense. But then his whimpers subsided pthc boys pedo and real pthc list I could see Raju's dick slide in and out with better rhythm. Raju's dick popped out a few times, but was shoved in with equal eagerness. Atul exaggerated the pain and moaned loudly every time that happened. But from experience, I knew that he was ok. The frequency then increased. I was surprised at how much Atul's arse could take. Raju was taking far longer than my fuck. Then Raju plunged and stayed there. There was no hint of an orgasm, except from beads of sweat all over Raju's groin and even his chest and stomach.I knew it was done when Raju pulled out teen pedo pthc his penis and I saw a blob of cum trickle out from the pthc hussyfan zola still erect knob. pthc vids ilegal I saw some cum trickle out of the folds of Atul's hole too.Atul now lay on his side. His penis had shriveled up and was under an inch. The tip of his foreskin was still sticky from his cumming earlier.When I got my binaries pthc glance off Atul's dick, I found Raju pthc movie archive pulling up his pants. Atul did not even mumble or whimper. pthc child bbs He found his pants and pic pthc bbs pedo put them on too. I was right behind him. svens bbs board pthc I still had a ranging hard-on and no underwear under my jeans.When they left, I felt utterly disappointed that in the whole affair neither of them had bothered to relieve me. I had to have a bath and I had to retrieve the underwear and hand wash it.After first attending to the stains of the underwear and washing Atul's dick shaped candle, I stripped again. I had to babies pthc cum!!!! I sprayed streams of cum all over the floor of the bathroom. And then I had the warmest bath of my life. However, bath or no bath, my sphincter and right to my arse hole was itching from the iodex. I forced myself to shoot craps. Only then did I imageboard pthc start feeling zens pthc bbs a bit better. Later that night I had a second orgasm replaying the events of the day.Day 3 (Atul reluctantly agreed later) was complete. Atul had started the day darkcollection top pthc torturing my anal tract with iodex. But dasha pthc hardcore raven he had ended up witnessing me getting anally injected with someone's sperm. He had also masturbated into my mouth. But most importantly I had held his penis, handled is foreskin and even tongued his pee-slit...something I had pthc lols lola never dreamt I would ever do. And then the sight of his anal folds, the way they opened and urban dictionary pthc closed. The trunk of someone's penis and the tight ring pthc bbs russian his anus created upon penetration....the pthc jpeg vivid memories I hold on to even today.
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